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This new Pope is very smart, but his charm will not be enough to fight secularism. “Who am I to judge?” is good tactics to take time, but in the end he will have to judge and say who is with us and who is against us. A religion is made of dogmas and is not a do-it-yourself system of ethics. You don’t choose what you like in a religion. Moreover, pretending to be close to the people can be dangerous. When they feel you are one of them, they don’t consider you an authority anymore. You are just a chap from the local pub. Now the problem is who really is in charge at the Curia. If it is the Old Guard, then we are safe. Old age is always a guarantee. But if the reins of power are now in the hands of these modern hoaxers who think anything is good for the Pope to be popular and count the power of the Church in Likes on Facebook, then we are in serious trouble. There is no such thing as modernity. There is a time and what has to be done in that time for the sake of one’s own interests. Time is not a line but a circle. This is why to think modern you must be old and be able to look far deep into the past in order to try and revamp in your heart the times when men used to build temples for Gods, not houses for themselves. Since the day man began to build houses for himself, neglecting the temples of God, religion is losing its grip on humanity. To go back to those ancient times is our fight. If the Pope is not aware of this, then he is doomed.

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