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Mikka Haugaard’s Blog on translating Marie Grubbe by Jens Peter Jacobsen

Not long ago, I put my own creative work aside and did a translation of a novel. The experience was more than I had bargained for. Translation means total emersion, it’s like wearing someone else’s skin . The writer was Jens Peter Jacobsen, a Danish nineteenth century novelist—no connection to Borgen or The Killing. Couldn’t […]

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A very English Tour de France on 5th July by James Waddington

The Tour de France is a battle of champions. It’s also an archetypal journey, out to the limits of the world, fastest back, across burning plains, over huge mountain ranges where the snow still lies in summer, through great and ancient cities. It’s a complex story as it unfolds over three weeks and more than […]

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Glyn Jones’ Blog on Herman Bang

The publication in 1871 of Georg Brandes’ book The Men of the Modern Breakthrough marked the beginning of realist fiction in Denmark, and the following 20 years saw the emergence of a generation of writers that included some of the most outstanding names in the Danish literary canon. In particular one thinks of Jens Peter […]

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Guest Blog from Heidi James: The Taboo of Motherhood

What a relief to hear the writer Ayelet Waldman, author of Love and Treasure, exhort mothers to tell the truth, “even – no, especially – when the truth is difficult”. (Guardian, 19/04) Not only is motherhood not always what it’s cracked up to be, but women are left isolated and sometimes, children put at risk, […]

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Maurice Caldera’s Blog on doppelgangers

In the apartment block where I live, there also lives a pair of very identical twins. I couldn’t tell them apart if I tried, I suspect even their own mother couldn’t. To give you a visual, they are Eastern European, Polish perhaps, extremely well built, both sport a very orange all year round tan, and […]

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