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Made in Yaroslavl 1 – Torn from the pages of history 1983 – Sergei Rekunkov just so happens to run the most successful pickled cucumber and men’s knitwear factory in the Soviet Union. Life is good. 1992 – Francis Fukayama announces the end of history. Western democracy triumphs, religion vanishes, and communist dictatorship is never […]

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Mikka Haugaard’s blog: A visiting character

Every writer’s nightmare. There is a knock on the door. You open it and immediately recognize the person standing there . You have never seen him before and you know why. Instantly familiar, he doesn’t really exist. Not really. He’s just a guy you have invented and although he may have a friend’s face or […]

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Three First Novels Thirty Years On

Dedalus began thirty years ago with three first novels. It is fair to say we were not an instant success and gained a nickname in the book trade as the Deadloss Publishing Company. However looking back things seem different: of the three first novels two are still in print and one, The Arabian Nightmare by […]

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