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Three First Novels Thirty Years On

Dedalus began thirty years ago with three first novels.

It is fair to say we were not an instant success and gained a nickname in the book trade as the Deadloss Publishing Company. However looking back things seem different: of the three first novels two are still in print and one, The Arabian Nightmare by Robert Irwin will have shortly been translated into twenty languages and has enjoyed worldwide success and acclaim. It has also earned Dedalus considerable sums of money.

Publishing first novels is a high-risk business and most sink without trace. Every so often one comes along that bucks the trend and makes its mark. As a publisher there is a special frisson each time you put a novel by a first-time author out in the marketplace. Like the author you dream and hope. If the reviews don’t come, there is always the prize-giving season and then… cold reality and the book is added to the list of your failures. This is why when success comes it is indescribably sweet.

In the Spring of 2014 Dedalus for the first time in thirty years will publish three first novels. Will two still be in print in thirty years time? Will one have found worldwide success and acclaim and made Dedalus a pile of money to keep the publishing company going through the lean years that wait around the corner?

When you read Codename Xenophon by Leo Kanaris, Time of the Beast by Geoff Smith and Fontoon by John Schoneboom let us know your predictions. I have made mine.

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